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Maryland Legalization

On July 1st, 2023, Maryland voters legalized cannabis for adult use, allowing those 21 years of age or older to possess and purchase small amounts of cannabis products. Since legalization, Maryland has seen overwhelming success in its adult use market. With nearly 100 active dispensary licenses as of May 13th, 2024, the MD cannabis industry has made tremendous progress and is continuing to grow rapidly. 

Central to the regulation and oversight of the industry is the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA). This body ensures a stringent ‘seed-to-sale’ tracking system, providing a transparent and detailed account of cannabis products from their genesis in cultivation to their final sale. This meticulous process is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the market and safeguarding consumer interests.  The MCA has also implemented a “cannabis reference laboratory” to ensure accurate lab testing processes and regulations throughout the industry. This helps maintain quality control and consistency for each product, guaranteeing the product is safe to consume.

Individuals over the age of 21 are allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower and residents are allowed to grow up to 2 plants per household. Legal cannabis dispensaries in Maryland have seen over $500 million in product sales since July. Statistics like these can be found on the MCA’s website, along with a detailed data dashboard that provides accurate, frequently updated market information for the state. While there is a 9% sales tax and prices have continued to increase, the Maryland Cannabis Industry’s growth rates trump that of many other state markets. 

Recently, Maryland launched “BeCannabisSmart”, a campaign focused on the potential dangers of cannabis use such as driving under the influence. According to the MCA, “Future BeCannabisSmart media includes keeping indoor and outdoor public spaces smoke-free, reducing accidental consumption by children (and pets), and prevention messages aimed at high risk populations including youth and pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.”

As Maryland’s cannabis industry continues to flourish, it’s clear that the state’s forward thinking regulatory stance and its ability to adapt swiftly to market dynamics are key factors driving this rapid maturation. The anticipation of new dispensaries and the approval of additional licenses signal promising growth to continue in Maryland.

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