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Congratulations to our clients for winning back-to-back years in The Emerald Cup Vape Category!

For those who are active in the competitive cannabis industry looking to win awards for their vape cartridges, pod systems, disposables, and other devices, The Emerald Cup is a hyper-competitive festival that awards brands based on taste, flavor profile, UX, among many other criteria.

The family here at Coastal Vape Co would like to congratulate The Legion of Bloom for winning back-to-back years at The Emerald Cup! At least year's cup, Legion of Bloom swept the entire vape category by winning 1st place and 3rd place in the Distillate Vape Cartridge and 2nd place in the Live Resin Vape Cartridge space. In the hyper-competitive vape category space with hundreds of competitors competing to get placed, winning 1st and 3rd place positions is truly a testament to how awesome of oil they make as well as the compatibility with our hardware and end-user experience. This year, Legion of Bloom placed 3rd place in the ultra-competitive category of best vape cartridge.

We are so proud and happy that our client won back-to-back awards at the Emerald Cup and look forward to continuing our partnership. To all our other brand partners who also placed at this year's Emerald Cup, congratulations and we value your accomplishments! Let's continue raising the bar in this industry by providing heavy metals free cartridges for our loyal end users.

-Coastal Vape Co

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