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Corona Virus Safety Practices

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

As Corona virus envelopes the nation and the world, Coastal Vape Co would like to wish the entire cannabis, vape, and all communities safe passage through these troublesome times. To all those who have been afflicted by this frightful disease (whether that be through personally contracting Covid19 or a loved one’s plight) you are chief amongst our thoughts and we pray for a speedy recovery!

Regarding our business practices in the midst of this epidemic, CVC recognizes that sanitation is of the utmost importance (both now and always). We would like to assure our clients, the end user, and everyone else that the most intensive precautions have been employed.

Everyone from our engineers to the security staff (quite literally everyone who works in our factory) has been tested, and cleared, for Covid19, and wears gloves and masks for the entirety of his/her shift. As for the physical products themselves, each cartridge, battery, and pod is thoroughly disinfected numerous times in a multi-step process. The raw materials are disinfected, the products are re-disinfected at EACH stage of the assembly process through their completion, and disinfected once more as they are being packaged.

To our clients: PLEASE be sure to employ these same, rigorous measures to ensure the safety of the end user. Make certain that employees filling and capping are wearing fresh gloves and masks each day, and that all equipment is sanitized as much as possible.

To the end user: We pray that we don’t have to tell you this, but DO NOT SHARE YOUR VAPE. We understand (and love) that one of the most powerful aspects of cannabis is the sense of community associated with the plant, and that there is nothing like passing around a joint, vape, bong, or the like, but PLEASE refrain from doing so until we have a viable vaccine.

Stay safe!!

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